To describe him in the simplest terms, his sound is fresh, soulful, acoustic pop.

Growing up in Toronto, ON, at an early age Peter developed a deep love of diverse music.
This love of music grew within him, took over his life, and he’s finally ready to give back to the world what he hears inside.

As he began to write his own music, Peter found his sound among a framework of influences that connect with both his voice and his intended audience, including Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, Jeff Buckley and Ray Lamontagne. He writes songs of love, loss and truth, with someone unafraid to reveal his heart.

Serrado is no stranger to live performances, having most notably, in February of 2018 becoming the first “unknown” artist/composer to ever compete in Portugal’s Eurovision qualification division, and the public showed their support by voting him #2 in fan voting (putting him through to the finals where he finished 8th overall in a field of 25 established Portuguese stars).

His self-titled debut album, has continued to take Serrado on stages throughout Toronto clubs and The Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Whether he is in the studio recording, or on stage performing, Peter Serrado possesses a unique voice that is drenched in a sweet raspy tone, with an expression that is powerful, exposing hints of intimacy and playfulness.


Performance Dates

No upcoming performance dates. Please check back soon.