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"The most important thing for me is putting real things out there and making sure that people understand that they’re not alone," the 16 year old songstress, Ria, confidently says.

When she’s not attending her grade 11 classes at Etobicoke School of the Arts, and spending time with her parents and 11 year old brother, Ria is listening to her musical influences: Ariana Grande, Daniel Caesar, Sabrina Claudio and SZA to name a few.

Being musically educated is something that is important to her and she encourages other artists to learn as much as they can. "Work really, really hard. Study music in general, so that you know what you’re going up against."

Ria understood very early that her passion for music grew stronger each time she entered contests and performed. "The first time I went up on stage (at age 7), even though I was scared, I knew I wanted to go up again."

Her sultry sound, which melodically appears to be older than her actual age, was noticed right away, when she was allowed to enter a contest, "Honey Jam" at the Mod Club in Toronto, when she was 11 years old, even though the permitted age was 16.

Understanding that life experience adds to the music, she enjoys shopping, learning how to play the piano, playing basketball and running. Being well rounded allows Ria to stay anchored to who she is. ‘Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone change you just because they don’t like what you are doing. I think uniqueness is amazing especially in this generation. Bring out what’s different because that’s the whole point. If we were all the same, life would be boring."

She is thrilled about recording her debut EP, with her producer a.n.g.e.l of MDC Music / Arrival Music Group. "It’s so fun working with a.n.g.e.l. Me and him we vibe off of each other. The music will be modern, contemporary, but you can hear an old school vibe, hip, SZA kind of vibe. It takes you all over."

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