Authenticity and meeting each artist from where they are, is the strength of Arrival Music Group Inc. The premium services below will help future artists in their careers.

Artist Development

We develop a program that is suited to each individual artist, their strengths and their areas of improvement. We offer artist development and consultancy services that include: brand management, marketing, social media presence and public relations services. Arrival Music Group Inc. can work with you, at all stages of your music career.

Vocal/Music Lessons

Finding the right music teacher for your personality can be both difficult and intimidating.

At Arrival Music Group Inc. we are affiliated with the best vocal coaches, who vary in approach, to reach any artist.

Music/Video Production

We believe that each artist is different, and their music, style and visuals should reflect that.

Our in house production team, led by angel, is able to vocally hear each artist’s unique sound and meet them where they are at. Lyrics are written in a way that compliments each individual artist. Other services include, arranging, songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Our director of photography and editor have extensive experience in film as well as music videos. Whether it’s a video shoot or a photo shoot, Arrival Music Group Inc. has a team of makeup artists, fashion and hair stylists who capture the best look that suits each artist’s style.